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LEAN [leen] (adjective)

A system, process, or product which delivers maximum value to the customer with minimal waste...

STACK [stak] (noun)

A combination of languages, frameworks, components, or products structured to assemble an information system...

 What is LEAN technology?


Technologies often require a large number of dependencies or significant infrastructure, thus, increasing the complexity and cost to install, operate, and maintain. Lean technologies minimize the requirements necessary to use them, reducing the total cost of ownership.


Many technology products begin with a single, focused objective. They do that one job and do it well. However, to meet customer demand, the product evolves into a swiss army knife. Lean technologies deliver specific, individual capabilities with the ability to add or activate additional features in a simple, non-disruptive manner.

Low Cost

There is no such thing as free technology. While it may not appear in your accounting ledger, acquiring new technology requires some amount of resources to assimilate into your IT ecosystem. Lean technologies are well documented, offering guides for installation and configuration as well as tutorials and examples.

 Kickstart Your Project

Did you know that LEANSTACKS can help your project get up and running faster?

When a new application project is started, too often teams spend hours or days working on the project structure, application development scripting, and development operations automation. In the rush to work on actual project features, the bootstrapping initiative often falls short. When the project transitions from a "beta" or "proof-of-concept" into a production application, the shortcomings of the initial bootstrapping become even more painful.

To help project teams start new applications faster and with a solid foundation, LEANSTACKS has several starter project repositories available on GitHub including React, Angular, Marionette, and Spring Boot. For more information, go to the  Stacks page.

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 Applications and Architectures

At LEANSTACKS we believe that to teach, you must also "do".

Hypothesize, experiment, construct, test, optimize, and repeat. Like any successful scientific process, that is how strong and long-lived systems architectures are created. No shortcuts. Just grit and ingenuity. That is the LEANSTACKS philosophy.

See how modern technologies and techniques combine to create robust, scalable, and highly available application systems. Learn how to use the  Stacks in conjunction with leading-edge cloud DevOps techniques to simplify and streamline application development workflows so that you can focus on what matters most... features.

To illustrate this approach, a sample of LEANSTACKS applications and their high-level architectures is available on the  Applications page.

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 LEAN Technology Education Channel

Do you prefer to learn by watching? The LeanStacks Channel is the place for you.

A variety of topics introduce LEAN concepts, technologies, or techniques. As you watch an episode you may code along with the instructor or check out the code in the corresponding  GitHub repository.

Learn to create RESTful web services with the popular Spring Boot Fundamentals instructional series. Learn to secure application assets with the Spring Security Fundamentals series. Watch the Spring Data Fundamentals series to optimize your persistence components.

Are you a client-side or full-stack developer? The AngularJS Fundamentals instructional series is for you. Get started with AngularJS today. Build along with us as you watch the series.

Are you deploying applications in the Cloud? Learn to provision Cloud resources with our beginner's guides to Amazon Web Services.

Subscribe to the LeanStacks Channel today. If you like what you see, let us know by giving the episode a  thumbs up.

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 Let's Take This Offline

Book Cover

The LEANSTACKS book, Lean Application Engineering featuring Backbone.Marionette.js and the Spring Framework is available for preview or purchase on LeanPub.com.

Learn lean application engineering techniques building a single page web application and RESTful web services using Backbone.Marionette.js and the Spring Framework. Eliminate wasteful boilerplate code and focus on your features.

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